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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vinh Long

Vinh Long
Area: 1.479,1 km2
Population: 1.028.365 people

Vinh Long is bounded by Tien River and Hau River, Tien Giang province on the north, Dong Thap province on the Northwest, Ben Tre province on the East, Tra Vinh province on the Southeast, Hau Giang and Soc Trang province on the South and Can Tho city on the Southwest.

Vinh Long comprises 1 city (Vinh Long) and 7 districts (Binh Minh, Binh Tan, Long Ho, Mang Thit, Tam Binh, Tra On, Vung Liem). Vinh Long city is 136km from Ho Chi Minh City.
Vinh Long land is fat by Hau and Tien rivers’ yearly silt so its advantage is cultivation. With many islets, laden orchards and many historic cultural monuments, Vinh Long is a destination for watery and garden tourism.

Monuments – Landscapes 
Catching fish
  • An Binh Isle: is in the center of Tien River, the isle area is about 6000 ha. The soil is fine and fat, it has fresh water all year round, and the farmers plant many kinds of fruit trees such as rambutans, mangoes, longans, durians… It is a place chosen for lunch and staying overnight.
  • Vinh Sang Tourist Site is on an isle on Tien River. Tourists come to Vinh Sang tourist side by boat. Coming to Vinh Sang farm, tourists can join in strong feeling games: fishing crocodile, riding ostrich, sailing canoe, catching fish by net, casting net or draining a pond to catch fish.
  • Truong An Tourist Site: with the area of 16 ha, Truong An tourist site is on Tien river bank, 4km from Vinh Long city center along highway 1A to My Thuan bridge. The landscape here is very great with many trees, villas, guest houses, restaurants….
Van Thanh temple
  • Van Thanh temple of literature: Locating in ward 4, Vinh Long town. The works was built from 1864 to 1986. Van Thanh temple was rebuilt twice. Currently, it consists of two main parts: Van Mieu and Van Xuong Cac. Van Thanh temple of literature is known as a national historical monument.
  • Long Thanh Communal House: This Communal Housewas built in about 1754. In 1852, Long Thanh Communal Housewas granted by royal decree the title of Bon Canh Thanh Hoang (Local Tutelary Deity). Wholly looked, this is a multi-roofed house. In the center is the Sanctorum, at the back is the guest house; in the front of the house are Vo Qui and Vo Ca; to the left is the kitchen. It is fair enough to say few communal houses are so beautifully decorated with wonderful carvings and lacquered beams and pillars like this. Most noticeable is the ornamental lacquered board with golden letters “Long Thanh Mieu Vo”, set in which was displayed and got a bronze medal at the Marseille 1992 Fair of French colonies. Long Thanh Communal House was recognized as a National historical heritage.
Phuoc Hau pagoda
  • Phuoc Hau Pagoda: locates in Ngai Tu commune, Tam Binh district. This pagoda was built in 1850. Phuoc Hau pagoda is a place that many famous monks such as Hoang Chinh, Khanh Anh, Thien Hoa have visited.
  • Ky Yen Festival: Ky Yen festival lasts 2 days and 1 night. The worship ceremony is for Buddha, gods, talented and righteous men called tien hien and hau hien. It commences with prayers for peace and performances of traditional dance and martial arts, as well as other rites based on southern tradition.
Oc Oom Boc
  • Oc Oom Boc Festival: is also known as Moon worshiping festival of Khmer minority group in Vinh Long province. Oc Oom Bok is held in 2 districts: Tra On and Vung Liem, where many Khmer people live. It takes place on the 15th of the tenth month of lunar.
Nam Roi pomelo
6 RI durian
Nam Roi pomelo, green orange, 6 RI durian, Vung Liem fermented pork roll, pottery…