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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tra Vinh

Tra Vinh
  • Area: 2.368km2
  • Population: 1.000.933 people
Tra Vinh is a coastal city, bounded by Ben Tre province on the north, Soc Trang province on the south, Vinh Long province on the west and 65 kms of coast line on the east.

Tra Vinh comprises 1 town (Tra Vinh) and 7 districts (Cang Long, Chau Thanh, Cau Ke, Tieu Can, Cau Ngang, Tra Cu, Duyen Hai). The center of Tra Vinh is Tra Vinh town, is 200km from Ho Chi Minh city and 100km from Can Tho city.
On the bank of Long Binh river
Tra Vinh is bounded by Tien and Hau rivers. Rivers on Tra Vinh area confluence to the sea via two main estuaries of Co Chien and Dinh An. Tra Vinh is an attractive destination for its rivers, sea and diversity culture.
On the bank of Long Binh river
Monuments – Landscapes
Ba Om Pond
  • Ba Om Pond is located in Luong Hoa commune, Tra Vinh Town, along the national highway No. 53 to the southwest, about 7 kilometers from Tra Vinh town center to the southwest. Ba Om pond is also called a square pond, the scenery is poetic, the placid pond is about 12 hectares covered with lotus, water-lily, and surrounded by thousands of star trees (sao tree), big old oil trees (dau tree) of strange looking shapes shading the green grass. This is the national famous vestige, landscape recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 1994.
  • Ngheu (a kind of Clam) Isle attraction: Ngheu isle is in My Long Nam commune, Cau Ngang district. As a dune, it only appears when the tide is out and it is sunk under the sea when the tide is in. It is called Ngheu isle because there are much clam here. Clam is so much that you can pick them by your own hands and enjoy fresh clam at once.
Ba Dong beach
  • Ba Dong Beach is 55kms from Tra Vinh town center; it is in the area of Truong Long Hoa Commune, Duyen Hai District. There are many works and infrastructures are invested for tourist potentiality development. Coming here, tourists shall enjoy the scenery, swimming and seafood.
Nodol pagoda gate
  • Nodol Pagoda: Nodol pagoda is also called Stork pagoda in Giong Lon Hamlet, Dai An Commune, Tra Cu District, 40 kms from Tra Vinh town to the south. This is a big ancient pagoda with the unique architecture of Khmer culture in Tra Vinh. The sanctum section designed by the roofs bended in dragon tail shape, pointed tower peaks of Some mountain shape and familiar images such as Reihu, the god of four faces Mohabrom, god bird Kayno, Mahanok… The pagoda is surrounded by bamboos, rows of Sao, Dau (star and oil trees). The inhabitants call it Stork pagoda because for more than one hundred years, the pagoda precinct has been the domicile for thousands of birds of all kinds.
Ang pagoda
  • Ang Pagoda is an ancient pagoda of Khmer, in the forest near Ba Om pond. There are hundreds of Budha statues with high astistic value. This pagoda is known as national historic cultural monument. You can see Ang pagoda in many Tra Vinh tour.
Ho Chi Minh temple
  • Ho Chi Minh Temple is in Vinh Hoi village, Long Duc commune; it is 5kms from Tra Vinh town center. It was built in 1970. After the south was liberated in 1975, the temple was rebuilt many times to become one of the landscapes in Tra Vinh town.
  • My Long Sea Festival is held annually from 10th to 12thof the fifth lunar month in Ba Chua Xu temple, My Long town, Cau Ngang district. This is one of the biggest Nghinh Ong (Dolphin greeting) festivals in the Mekong Delta. This festival attracts thousand of people come to Tra Vinh to join some traditional games…
  • Mr. Bon pagoda Festival is held solemnly in Mr. Bon pagoda, Cau Ke town, Cau Ke district from 15th to 18th of the seventh lunar month.
  • Vu Lan Festival is held at Van Nien Phong Cung, Cau Ke town, Cau Ke district form 25th to 28th of the seventh lunar month. There are many folk custom in this festival.
Chol Chnam Thmay festival
  • Chol Chnam Thmay Festival is the traditional New year of the Khmer minority group, held in the middle of the 4th month (lunar calendar).
Cau Ke Sap coconut
Cau Ke Sap coconut (coconut with thick pulp), Ben Co noodle, Xuan Thanh rice alcohol, Vinh Kim dried shrimp, Tra Cuon Tet cake (glutinous rice cake filled with green bean paste and pork), Quach fruit, Cau Ngang watermelon…