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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tien Giang

Tien Giang
Area: 2.481,8 km2
Population: 1.670.216 people

Tien Giang is on Tien River bank with the length of 120km, bordered by Long An province and Ho Chi Minh city in the north and northeast, Dong Thap province in the west, Ben Tre and Vinh Long province in the south and East Sea in the east.

Tien Giang comprises 1 city (My Tho), 1 town, (Go Cong) and 8 districts (Go Cong Dong, Go Cong Tay, Cho Gao, Chau Thanh, Tan Phuoc, Cay Lay, Cai Be, Tan Phu Dong).

With the coast line of 32km, Tien Giang has advantages of aquaculture and many kinds of special fruits to develop eco-tourism and sea-tourism.

Monuments – Landscapes
  • Go Thanh is a national monument, locating in Tan Than commune, Cho Gao District. The national monument of Oc-Eo Culture in Go Thanh was in the 1st to the 6th century. Some artifacts were found are some status of Vinus, Negasa, NamThan and many other copper, gold, pottery artifacts…
  • Cai Be floating Market: is one of the most famous floating markets of Mekong delta since 18th century. Cai Be floating market is adjacent area of Vinh Long, Ben Tre and Tien Giang, near Tan Phong isle. This market is nearly 1000m long on the river, with many boats selling special products of the Mekong delta.
  • Tan Thanh Beach: locates at Tan Thanh Commune, Go Cong Dong District, is 50km from My Tho to the east on Highway 50. Come to Tan Thanh Beach, tourist will enjoy a beautiful beach with many services such as relax, sunbathing, sports on beach…
  • Thoi Son Isle is an isle on Tien River; it is on the opposite of My Tho city. There are many laden orchards on this isle. Tourist can enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the countryside, have some kinds of fruits and make friend with friendly orchard owners.
  • Dong Tam Snake Farm: This is the reliable place of snake-bite treatment for the inhabitants in Mekong delta. Dong Tam snake farm is on the area of 11ha, in Tan Thuan Village, Binh Duc Commune, Chau Thanh District. To this place, tourists seemly stray into a snake kingdom with hundreds of different species. This place becomes a tourist site for many visitors.
  • Vinh Trang Pagoda is the biggest and the most beautiful pagoda in Tien Giang, a historical and cultural monument of Vietnam. This pagoda is on an area of 2000 meters square, in My An village, My Phong commune, My Tho city. Vinh Trang pagoda was built by Mr and Mrs. Bui Cong Dat in early 19th century. In 1907, it was rebuilt in Asia architecture associated with the European’s in a perfectly general form, in a stunning beauty. There are 60 wooden statues, especially Thap Bat La Han were carved in 1970, is the pinnacle of artistic sculpting the Mekong delta. Vinh Trang pagoda attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to visit.
  • Ap Bac Victory: this is held annually on Ap Bac Victory day (January 2 1963) in Tan Phu commune, Cay Lay district.
  • Vam Lang: this take place in Ong pagoda of Vam Lang and Kieng Phuoc commune, Go Cong Dong district on 9th to 10th of the third lunar month. This is Nghinh Ong festival (Dolphin greeting festival) of Tien Giang fishermen. At 9:00 am, Nghinh Ong boat is decorated, travel from Vam Lang canal to Xoai Rap river. There is traditional singing. At the end is the ceremony to take Ong to the pagoda for worshiping.
  • Tu Kiet Festival: on 15th and 16th of the eighth lunar month, Tu Kiet Festival takes place in Thanh Hoa Commune, Cai Lay District to commemorate four heroes who fought against the French. After the ceremony, there are cultural and artistic activities with a great numbers of participants.
  • Ky Yen Vinh Binh Festival is the biggest Ky Yen festival of the province, take place in Vinh Binh communal house, Go Cong Tay district, from 14th to 16th of the 12nd lunar month.
Hoa Loc mango, Long Co Co pomelo, Lo Ren Vinh Kim star apple, Ngu Hiep durian, Go Cong watermelon and acerola, Tan Lap pineapple. Tien Giang is also famous for many dishes such as My Tho rice noodle, Cho Rong gia cake, fermented shrimp…
(Mekong Delta Tourist Portal)