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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hau Giang

Hau Giang
Area: 1.608km2
Population: 756.625 people

Hau Giang is 240 km from Ho Chi Minh City to the Southwest. Vi Thanh town is the center of Hau Giang, 60 km from Can Tho city. Hau Giang is bordered by Can Tho in the north, HauRiver and Vinh Long in the East, Kien Giang and Bac Lieu in the West.

The province comprises 2 towns (Vi Thanh, Nga Bay) and 5 districts (Chau thanh, Chau Thanh A, Long My, Phung Hiep, Vi Thuy).

Hau Giang is known as the granary of the Southwest of Vietnam.With the strength of fertile soil, rice and fruit trees of all kinds, Hau Giang has great potential to develop ecotourism and watery tourism.

Monuments – Landscapes
  • Nga Bay Floating Market: belongs to Nga Bay town, is 30km from Can Tho city. The market opens at about 5:00 in the morning, with thousand of boats arriving with farm produce from 7 branches of Mekong River: Mang Ca, Kenh Xang, Bun Tau, Lai Hieu, Cai Con, Xeo Vong, Xeo Mon… Nga Bay was mentioned in a very famous traditional opera piece “Tinh anh ban chieu” (Love of a sedge mat seller) performed by Ut Tra On (a very famous traditional singer in Vietnam).
  • Ngoc Hoang Swamp Nature Reserve: with the area of 2805 ha, this reserve belongs to Phuong Binh commune, Phung Hiep district. There are diversifying flora and an abundant fauna of more than 200 species such as tortoises, snakes, eels, typhoons, fishes and 153 bird species... Currently, Ngoc Hoang swamp nature reserve is invested to be an eco-tourism, is the last monument of wetland ecosystem.
  • Tam Vu Monument: belongs to Thanh Xuan Commune, Chau Thanh A District, is 16km from Can Tho city. Tam Vu statue which is 8m tall is the center of this historic victory monument. This is the picture of Tam Vu historic victory on April 19, 1948, the victory help Vietnam army get the first 105mm canon from French army. This area is invested to be a historic monument.
  • Ecological area of Vi Thuy indigo & bird Forest: belongs to Vinh Tuong commune, Vi Thuy district, with the area of 200 ha. Currently, this area is invested to be an eco-tourism.
  • Ho Chi Minh Temple belongs to Luong Tam commune, Long My district, is 60 km from Can Tho city. This temple was built in 1969, was destroy by the war many times, and was rebuilt in 1990. Ho Chi Minh temple structure is like some southern communal house, surrounded by trees and bonsai,
  • Tay Do Ecotourism: Locates along the provincial highway No. 61, is more than 25 km from Can Tho city, in Phung Hiep area. Tay Do ecotourism is a big tourist area of 20 hectares with bonsai –flower gardens, luxuriant sweety fruit trees, airy lakes, diversifying entertainment services such as: fishing, the south amateur music, visiting bonsai-flower gardens …specially, visitors can try some specialties of the countryside.
  • Chol Thnam Thmay Festival: This is New Year festival of Khmer ethnic, take place in 3 days (March 13th to 15th in lunar calendar).
  • President Ho Chi Minh incense offering ceremony: this is a traditional ceremony of Hau Giang province. The ceremony takes place on May 19 (birthday of President Ho Chi Minh), September 2 (National day), Nguyen Dan New Year. On these days, thousands of people from many provinces come to offer incense to president Ho Chi Minh.
Ghost Knife Fish, Cau Duc pineapple, Phu Huu pomelo, Long Tri sweet tangerine, Climbing Fern…