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Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Giang

An Giang
Area: 3.406,2 km2
Population: 2.253.865 people (2008)

An Giang is in the South West of Vietnam. Northwest of An Giang border Cambodia, the Southwestern border Kien Giang province, Can Tho city is on the South and on the West is DongThap Province.

An Giang province comprises 1 city (Long Xuyên), one town (Chau Doc), 9 districts (An Phu, Chau Phu, Chau Thanh, Cho Moi, Phu Tan, Tan Chau, Thoai Son, Tinh Bien, Tri Ton).

An Giang is a place that is very potential for tourism, some typical landscape are:

Monuments - Landscapes
  • Chau Doc is famous with Ba Chua Xu temple, Sam mountain resort with many historic monuments like Thoai Ngoc Hau tomb, Tay An pagoda…
  • Chau Doc Raft village: famous with catfish, basa longstanding. There are hundreds fish farm on the river which is home to hundreds of families.
  • Cam Mountain Park: Tinh Bien District, there are a road for cars to go up the mountain; there are Phat Lon pagoda and the largest Buddha statue.
  • Tra Su Melaleuca Forest: this eco-tourism zone is wider than 700 ha, in Long Xuyen quadrangle (Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien district)
  • Bung Binh Thien: (also known as the heaven lake) is a freshwater lake in An Phu District, the site for the annual festival.
  • Ton Duc Thang President Monument: located at Ong Ho (tiger) isle, where president Ton Duc Thang lives childhood. This monument display pictures, artifacts and documents of life and career of the late president of Viet Nam.
  • Historic Tuc Dup Hill: An Tuc Commune, Tri Ton District, this high hill is belong to Co To mountain. During the war, the USstrikes during 128 days and nights, the amount of bomb cost up to 2 million USD but has not captured the hill. Currently, Tuc Dup hill is named “2 million-dollar hill”, which is visited by a large number of visitors.
  • Ba Chua Xu Festival is held annually on April 23 to 25 (lunar calendar) at Ba Chua Xu temple.
  • Chol Chnam Thmay Festival is known as Khmer New Year, in mid-April each year.
  • Cow Racing Festival is held annually in late August early September (lunar calendar) at Bay Nui (seven mountains).
  • Hat Gi (a kind of Vietnamese traditional singing) Festival: the festival of Cham people, was held December 7 to 12 (Islamic calendar).
An Giang specialties are Chau Doc Mam (salted fish) and many other kind of salted fish (Tren fish, Sac Fish, Linh fish…); beef sausage (Cham call Tung-lo-mo), jaggery, dried beef, dried fish, Sau Dau salad, Vinh Trung noodle…