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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bac Lieu

Bac Lieu
Area: 2.520,6 km2
Population: more than 820.000 people

Bac Lieu is a coastal province in Mekong Delta. The North borders Hau Giang province, Northeastern borders Soc Trang province, Kien Giang province is on the Northwestern, West and Southwest of Bac Lieu border Ca Mau province, East Sea is in the East and Southeast with 56 km coast line.

Bac Lieu is 280 km from Ho Chi Minh City, with 1 town (Bac Lieu) and 6 districts (Phuoc Long, Hong Dan, Vinh Loi, Gia Rai, Dong Hai, Hoa Binh).

The strength of Bac Lieu tourism is eco-tourism, marine tourism with many unique natural landscape such as bird sanctuary, longan garden and some historical cultural monuments as Vinh Hung ancient tower, Noc Nang field, Ho Chi Minh president temple, the house where Cao Van Lau -musician of famous traditional opera piece “Da co hoai lang” (Awaiting One’s Husband)- lived, Bac Lieu is famous with many legends about Tran Trinh Huy (Bac Lieu fop) … the attraction of Bac Lieu tourism is the specialties, costumes, festivals, Viet, Khmer, China ethnic.

Monuments – landscape
  • Bac Lieu Sanctuary: Bac Lieu sanctuary is 5 km from the center of the town, Hiep Thanh commune. It is 130 ha large with more than 40 kinds of birds, some of which are in the Red Book and many other kinds of animals and plants living in the same diversified community.
  • Bac Lieu longan Garden: this longan garden was planted 100 years ago on a area of 230 ha from Hiep Thanh (Bac Lieu) to Vinh Chau (Soc Trang). Bac Lieu longans are aroma, big, ripening in July to September (Lunar calendar).
  • Bac Lieu Fop’s Villa: It was built according to the French architecture and all construction materials were brought from Francein the early twentieth century. Currently, this villa is used as a hotel. This Hotel attract many visitors especially Tran Trinh Huy’s room (Bac Lieu fop’s room).
  • Memorial House of Cao Van Lau Musician: Cao Van Lauwas born on 22.12.1892, in the Chi My Village, Vam Co District,Long An Province. In 1919, he composed "Da Co Hoai Lang”, is considered the first traditional opera piece, a timeless song. Hepassed away in 1976 in Bac Lieu. Cao Van Lau tomb is located in Bac Lieu town, on the road named after him.
  • Nha Mat - Hiep Thanh Eco and Sea Tourism: This is eco and sea tourism with the area of over 100 ha, Nha May ward, Bac Lieu town. Destinations attract tourists to Bac Lieu. 
  • "Quan Yin Nam Hai" Festival takes place on the 23 of March (lunar year) at Nha Mat – Hiep Thanh.
  • Khmer Traditional Festival: Chol Thnam Thmay festival(traditional New Year festival) take place in 3 days from April 13; Dolta festival from August 29 to September 1 (lunar calendar); OkOm Bok festival (moon festival) in Octorber 15 (lunar calendar).
  • China Festivals: Nguyen Dan Festival (New Year festival of Vietnam); Doan Ngo festival (May 5 lunar calendar).
Bac Lieu is famous with its specialties such as Bon Bon, longan, fisheries, Cu Cai cake, Ngang Dua tam vermicelli, bun bo cay (Pungent rice vermicelli with beef).