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Friday, October 7, 2011

My Tho tour

I usually come to my hometown Tra Vinh along National Road 60 over My Tho then Ben Tre by motor-bike and my group took a short trip a year ago to visit some nice places around the city. Here are some cool pix and information of this beautiful city.
Gate of My Tho at Trung Luong three-way crossroads
Gate of My Tho at Trung Luong three-way crossroads

Rach Mieu bridge over Tien river
Rach Mieu bridge over Tien river
Sunrise in My Tho from Rach Mieu bridge
Sunrise in My Tho from Rach Mieu bridge
MỸ THO is the capital city and municipality of Tien Giang province, located in the Mekong Delta region of southern Vietnam.
Total area: 79,8 sq. km.
Population: 250,000.
 My Tho - Ho Chi Minh city: 70km (included 60km of highway)
 My Tho - Can Tho: 103km
 My Tho - Long Xuyen: 130km (For more>>>)
My Tho is famous for its noodle soup Hu Tieu My Tho. Hu Tieu My Tho is typically a clear pork broth with rice vermicelli and wheat flour noodles (mì) combined. Sliced pork, meaty pork bones, offal such as intestines, liver, and heart and fresh shrimp, and possibly deep fried wonton. The soup is then garnished by the diner to the individual taste with salad leaves, garlic chives, beans sprouts, lime, fresh chili, soy sauce, and vinegar. The noodles can be served dry with the soup on the side, or as a noodle soup.
Hu Tieu My Tho
Hu Tieu My Tho
Also famous in My Tho is Bo Vien or beef balls. There are very busy stalls near the My Tho market that serve only Bo Vien in beef broth or with Hu Tieu noodle. It is eaten with very hot chili sauce (tương ớt).
Hu Tieu Bo Vien
Bo vien
As the regional capital My Tho is the main market dealing in all the produce from the region as well as fish and seafood from My Tho's large ocean-going fishing fleet. The very large and exuberant market is one of South Vietnam's biggest sources for dried fish and other dried seafood products such as Khô Mực (dried squid). At night the market is dedicated to the dealing and sorting of Mekong River fish, particularly catfish for Ho Chi Minh City's wholesale markets. Produce, especially fruit and vegetables, is delivered by boat directly to the market.
My Tho Tourist boat
My Tho is a popular starting point for tourists to take a boat trip on the Mekong River then be around four islands: Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle and Phoenix. Thoi Son (Unicorn) and Phoenix island - where the path through the island is bordered with fruit trees bearing plums, mangoes, and longans; the tiled-roof houses surrounded by many generations of these fruit-bearing trees, the cozy little restaurants in bonsai tree gardens. Get to there we can enjoy honey tea, fresh fruits while listening to traditional music performance of “Tai Tu” - the lovely and romantic melody of one of the tribes in Mekong Delta, and a short visit to a coconut candy factory and savor the taste of this special.
Thoi Son (Unicorn) island
My Tho Longan orchard
My Tho Rambutan orchard
My Tho sampans
On the bridge before getting on the sampans
Rowing on sampans (small boat) along the canals of Mekong River.
My Tho tour trip

My Tho tour trip

My Tho sampans boat canals
Making coconut candy
Packages of coconut candy are completed and ready for sell

Taking a coach to visit around Phoenix island
VINH TRANG PAGODA is the greatest pagoda of Tien Giang Province, in an area of 2,000m2 with many beautiful trees. It was built in 1849 in My Phong village, My Tho City. The architecture of Vinh Trang Pagoda is a harmonious combination of Asian and European types of architecture, creating the splendid, but simple features of this Buddhist pagoda.
Vinh Trang pagoda My Tho
The pagoda is surrounded by gardens of ornamental trees, ancient trees and bonsai, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
Vinh Trang pagoda consists of five buildings, two ornamental yards and 178 pillars. There are two triumphal arches bearing an art of inserting bottle and porcelain fragments which create harmonious pictures illustrating the Buddha’s legendaries. Inside the pagoda, there is a set of pictures “eight angels riding on animals” another set of statues of the Amitabha Holy Trinity carved in bronze, as big as a man, and more particularly, the set of the eighteen Arhants, wood carving work, is the only one, not two, in the west of South Vietnam.
Vinh Trang pagoda My Tho - Worship place
Worship place
Vinh Trang pagoda

Not far from Vinh Trang Pagoda, DONG TAM SNAKE FARM is one of the country’s largest snake-raising centers where venom is produced for local use and export. Located 12 kilometers from My Tho City, Tien Giang Province, the World of Snakes is a place for the animals to have a peaceful life without the impact of man. There are a lot of researched snakes which are extremely aggressive and even capable of spitting poison, and other snake-based medicines are produced to save lives.
Dong Tam snake farm

Dong Tam snake farm
Snakes twine the branch
My Tho trip - on Unicorn island

My Tho trip - wait for ferry cross Tien river
The entire group is on a ferry for barges to cross the Tien river from Unicorn island. This station is about 2km far away from Rach Mieu bridge.
My Tho trip - peaceful countryside road
Peaceful road in country side
My Tho trip - enjoy durian together

My Tho trip
Enjoy durian, rambutan together
My Tho trip
"War booty" :D
My Tho trip

My Tho trip
Enjoy fresh fruit while listening Don Ca Tai Tu
My Tho trip

After a day exciting trip to islands, it's time to have dinner
My Tho trip

My Tho trip

My Tho trip

My Tho trip

My Tho trip

To see the floating market activities, we must come to Cai Be early (about 5AM) but it rained in the morning, the plan to Cai Be floating market had to be delayed about 2hours so that we can not catch the time. What a pity!
Arrived at Cai Be town, we hired a boat tour to visit wine factory, rice flakes factory, shop sells products from coconut, fruit orchard...
My Tho trip
Cai Be church

On a watermelon boat

Making rice flakes

Equipment for making wine
Ducks in chilli orchard
Get into guava orchard and "mum mum" together ;))
Finish Cai Be tour - it's time to come back My Tho
On the way back, visit Rach Gam Xoai Mut where Nguyen Hue defeated Siamese's invasion in 1785
Get into a restaurant to have dinner with crab soup. It's so delicious and cheap! (about 550k VND for 20 members)

It's the end of 2day 1night wonderful trip to Tien Giang. See everybody in next trip to Buon Me Thuot -Daklak.

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